Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery in Melbourne

The most common reason for jaw surgery operations in Melbourne is to align teeth where there is a major problem with the bite. Teeth straightening procedures (orthodontics) will not always yield the results you are looking for if your bite is crooked or your upper and lower jaws require surgical correction to function properly or be in a correct relationship. In association with orthodontic treatment, Dr John Ferguson can treat jaw deformities and related issues that may have been caused by injuries or developmental conditions.

With most cases, we would be rectifying your bite to ensure that your upper and lower sets of teeth can meet without resistance or misalignment. Your facial appearance can also be affected according to the position of your jaws and teeth.

Jaw surgery in Melbourne is typically performed in hospital and the stay can be anywhere from one to three days. As part of the operation, the jaw bones are fixed in their new positions using small bone plates and screws while you heal. This modern technique allows the patients to be able to use their jaws sooner than more dated methods.

Other Maxillofacial Surgery Services

Dr John Ferguson and his team can provide complementary cosmetic treatments and surgeries to improve your psychological well-being and lifestyle.

We can assess your eligibility for a range of options and determine the best course of action for you. As with all of our services, we discuss fees and everything to do with your treatment in considerable detail so that you can make informed decisions about your oral health.

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