Jaw Osteotomy

Jaw Osteotomy

What is a Jaw Osteotomy?

A jaw osteotomy is a surgical procedure to change the shape or position of upper and/or lower jaw. The aim of the procedure is to assist with achieving a correct bite for the patient.

The procedure will only be performed once it has been established that any changes will not negatively impact the aesthetic appearance of the face. Normally, orthodontic treatment with braces will be used to correctly position the teeth for the osteotomy. During the procedure, any wisdom teeth present are removed. The surgical procedure is carried out in hospital under general anaesthesia.

Regarding recovery

All osteotomy procedures require a healing time of around 2-6 weeks but can take up to two to four months depending on the type of surgery and associated complexity (dependent on individual patient requirements).

In the early stages of the healing process, patients should maintain a very soft diet, moving onto firmer foods when sufficient healing has occurred. It is important that while healing, chewing very hard food should be avoided as much as possible.

Am I a suitable candidate for this procedure?

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