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Research Update | July 2015

When lower teeth have been missing for many years, the bone of the lower jaw becomes progressively thinner. In extreme cases the lower jaw may be as thin as a pencil and this makes denture wearing virtually impossible. A treatment option before the bone becomes so thin is to place two implants in the lower jaw for the denture to “click” onto. Such a denture is called an “overdenture”. Not only does the denture now become much more secure, but the bone loss is markedly reduced.

As far back as 1997, a study by Dr D. Wismeijer and colleagues from the Amsterdam Dental School examined the results for 110 patients who had difficulty wearing a lower denture and who were provided with overdentures. A high level of patient satisfaction was found.

A more recent study by Dr SA Alfadda and colleagues from the University of Toronto, found a similar level of satisfaction for 77 patients given implanted-supported mandibular overdentures.

Mandibular overdentures are a very successful and cost-effective treatment option for patients who lose all their lower teeth.

Patient satisfaction with implant-supported mandibular overdentures. A comparison of three treatment strategies with ITI-dental implants.

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